City Games

I came, I saw, I play – pub crawl

This is really fun and let you to learn the history of Krakow in unconventional way.

We create a special itinerary suit for a group event, for your friends or business partners based on your budged and preferences. If you want to build better relationships between your co-workers or get them know better that is a perfect option to choose Krakow pub crawl.

Visit the pubs and famous places with a group of your friends. Check your skills and talents, experience the unique atmosphere and discover the secrets of the city.

Following special instructions you have to find the right pub, restaurant or other place and complete the tasks we prepared for you. Teams are given usually two hours’ time to collect answers to all the questions. We work with the professional guides so besides they assist you and supervise the game they also give you a lot of information about the history of the place you visit. But the point and main goal of the game is to have fun.  So for example you learn how to make a professional drink, try to find out the ingredients of the famous Polish soup, dice, visit the former torture chamber,  and many others.